Old man introductions!

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Apr 11, 2021
Hi there,
We have an old rat who is over 2.5 years old, has fairly advance HLD and is neutered. He is the happiest little man, eats well gets around albeit very slowly and loves life. He unfortunately lost two cage mates in short succession and has been alone for a short period of time.
On Thursday we rescued an almost 2 year old boy, who is not neutered but also has early ish stages of HLD. He’s a little shy but a real sweetheart. The previous owners were Great and gave us lots of info - were told he has alway been submissive In his groups, but similarly ended up alone due to surprising cave mate passing away. He’s only been alone for just over a week.
He is a little nippy - nothing major mainly tasting and testing we think. We did a very sort - see how it goes intro and it was adorable. Our old man was very very excited but this did startle our new boy somewhat - who did give a few little nips.
I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions about introducing two, getting old men, one who is neutered and the other not but has in the past been the bottom of the pecking order. Both who have HLD. I. Wasn’t sure if the carrier method was suitable in this situation as both need their extra space and home comforts!and we don’t want two old distressed men.
They are both so sweet and have such similar ways we know they will get along and we don’t want them to be alone longer than needed.
Any tips greatly appreciated!!

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