Is my rat just anti- social?

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Jan 6, 2023
Hey, so had an accidental litter a while ago( yes, I learned my lesson. You can't leave them alone for 3 minutes!!!) We kept two females who are with mom. The dad, Biscuit, is alone. He gets to roam around a lot and always goes to the female cage trying to get in. I started looking for males( young ones) to bring home to him for company. Anywayyyy ended up with a hairless rat, and another male both about 6 months old same as Biscuit( long story- they were going to be given away as feeders, and I just can't say no). Biscuit wants nothing to do with them. He is not aggressive but literally does not acknowledge them. The hairless tries to cuddle for warmth, but Biscuit just runs away. He sleeps separatly from the other two.Is it possible to have an anti-social rat? I had been so worried about him being lonely bit now I'm.worried he's unhappy I brought these two home. I welcome advice/insight/ suggestions!!!