hairless rat

  1. J

    Strange bump under eye? Should I be worried?

    Hello! I have a male hairless who's almost 2 years old. Tonight while flushing his eyes we noticed this little bump under the inner corner of his bottom left eyelid. It's not obstructing his eye at all, and is very small and squishy to the touch. It doesn't seem to be causing him any pain. He...
  2. Internetchild21

    New Furry Babies

    Here are my newly adopted (or rescued) boys. The hairless baby was a rescue from Craigslist- they were keeping him in a reusable shopping bag His name is Piglet and he has my heart. The boy with the black fur’s name is Link. He was adopted with the two other furred babies. Currently he is...
  3. S

    Introduction with little hairless rat

    Hello everyone! I recently adopted my first hairless rat (named Ophelia) who is just the sweetest little baby ever. I got her at 6 weeks old and now she's 7 weeks, and today I tried introducing her to my 5 other 1 year old girls. My girl Elise is the dominant rat and has always been a bit rough...
  4. Ashleigh

    Oddball, Mac, and Cheese.

    Oddball has been with me the longest. I've had him a year and had gotten him when he was aprox 2 months old. Oddball by Ashleigh posted Mar 14, 2019 at 10:28 AM He has a towel fortress on my computer desk that he frequently naps in. He loves raw broccoli but hates raw carrots. Next are Mac...
  5. Kenia Vilchis

    Pepper and Kiwi

    My name is Kenia and these two donut holes are around 5 months. Their names are Kiwi and Pepper.
  6. A

    Hairless rat needa home

    I have an adorable female hairless rat and i love her but i need to find her a new home because i am allergic to her. Located in moreno valley california No i will not ship her Loving pet owners please respond
  7. panthra

    Is my hairless rat pregnant?

    Hi again, I just adopted the sweetest, most loving young hairless girl rat named Prune. She is just the best, she will snuggle with me in bed for hours and everything. <3 Someone saved her from being a feeder rat so it's possible she was kept with males. She has a bit of a pot belly and...