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Discussion in 'Rat Registry' started by Michellerattiemom, Apr 15, 2019 at 1:50 AM.

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    My baby boy was fine this morning. I feed them & took a nap, cause I'm prego so I been very sick. I sleep from around noon till 5 and woke up & looked in my boys cage and Georgie was sleeping, so I petted him like I always do, and he made a weird noise! It scared me so I picked him up & under his chin was SOAKED in drool and it scare the hell out of me. He is breathing and seems like he just wants to lay there , so I laid on the bed with him & hes just laying in the pillow case and not moving, he is pushing his ears back and pushing his head forward and making a weird faces. Omg please help. My rats ARE MY CHILDREN. he just has to be ok. I will do anything and everything in my power for him! oh God please help me. what is wrong with my Georgie? This isn't him, Hes a VERY VERY LOVING AND RAMBUNCTIOUS lil fellow! Please help me & Georgie.

    Edit to say: georgie lives in a critter nation with his 7 brothers. When I feed him this morning, I gave him a new food that I bought them just yesterday called, tiny friends farm reggie rat and mimi mouse. And I added a few cheerios in his bowl for a treat cause he loves them every now and then. I usually give them ox bow food & fresh veggies as supplements but we were a lil strap for cash this week so I bought him that food. God I should have just spent the extra 5 bucks & bought there normal ox bow. This is all my fault. I won't be able to live with myself if Georgie isnt ok
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