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Sep 21, 2021
Jacksonville, FL USA
My name is Theresa. I have 10 pet rats that was given to me accidentally. Any way my baby girl died today so now I have 9. I live in Jacksonville, FL USA. I used to have a pet rat back in 2003. I was required to have a small pet for my zoology class and my dad suggested a rat. The reason he did that was because he knew they were cheap (.75 at the time), easy to feed and small. Mind you at the time I fell into the category of being scared of rats and thinking they are full of diseases. We also chose one of the albino rats with red eyes. It took me a few months to even try and pet her or hold her due to being scared of getting bit. She never did bite me lol. So during school days she would stay in our lab in her tank with everything she needed and on the weekends she stayed with me at home in a small bird cage my mom bought at a flea market for $2. At the time I had no idea that type of cage was too small for her. Then again she wasn't full grown. Anyway I'm not gonna drag the story too much. I ended up falling in love with her. Her name was baby. After Acing my Zoology class and we were in summer vacation. My dad told me I need to clean her cage more or she will be gone. So I did. Everyday I changed her bedding but it still smelled bad. The next yr came and while I was at school my dad decided to get rid of her and not tell me how or why or anything. I was devastated. I knew that someday in the future I would have more. Just not 10 lol. If you like to knowvmore about my story just ask. I am currently trying to find Bella a new girlfriend so she it isn't lonely or perhaps give her to a good home with other girls. So far I live this forum. There isn't much about pet rats. It's good you can go to a webpage like this and get good advice.

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