Greetings New Rattie Family! ❤🐭

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Jan 24, 2021
Spokane, WA
Hello! My name is Terra and I just officially joined the group this evening, although I've been scoping the chats here for a couple years now, so I figured it was time!

I have a big Rattie Family 🐭 We started with 1 male named Ratscal. We quickly realized he needed a mate so after work one day Daddy brought home a new Rat, named Bella! Thats right...Bella is a female name 😳 and unfortunately, Daddy didn't put much thought into it beforehand and within a couple weeks, we were expecting grand-ratties!!! And boy was that the best, wildest ride ever, raising those tiny pink babies. All 11 babies survived and have grown up to be just wonderful!

We gifted 4 of the girls to a family friend and decided to keep the others, along with their Momma & Daddy. (4 girls, 4 boys, Mom & Dad) ❤ Unfortunately, we lost one of our boys, Oreo this past Fall to an apparent fatal tumor and we miss him. Everybody else are still kickin, being as cute as can be.

Mom & Dad are just about 2.5 - 3 yrs old, so we've been mentally preparing for the inevitable...I cant imagine life without them, so we're getting cuddles at every chance lol 🐭 The boys & girls will be 2 this year! Its unbelievable how fast it flies by, from the days of hand feeding & belly rubbing little pinkies, to the beautiful 2 yr olds we have today ❤

Life with Rats is like no other. Of all the many pets we've had over the years, I can say with absolute certainly that these Rats have been my favorite of them all. Theres nothing like it whatsoever ❤

👉🏽 I currently have an emergency situation with our Ratscal boy that I'd love some feedback on. I'll go post under the Health category now, so please look for it if you can? I'd really appreciate some like-minded friends about now 😊❤

I hope to meet more of you and have some great conversation 👍🏽 Have a beautiful day!!!


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