Apple cider vinegar for rats

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Dec 29, 2018
Hamilton, Ontario
I've heard great things about apple cider vinegar for rats but I had a few questions because there isn't that much info about it.
1. What dilution do you use for the rats? It seems like everyone uses different amounts
2. Do you have to switch it out everyday? I read someone saying that they had to but you don't even have to refrigerate this stuff so I'm not sure why you'd have to change it everyday.
Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! ♥️


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Jul 21, 2007
central New Brunswick Canada
Anything you feed needs to be cleaned and replaced at least once a day.
No idea if it is safe, but never add anything to their water as amount can not be controlled plus rats may stop drinking the water and become dehydrated.
Dehydration kills.

Why would you want to give apple cider vinegar?
I know it is good for people but that does not mean it would be healthy for rats.
Hopefully Lilspaz68 and Jorats will respond as they likely know the answers to your questions as both are extremely knowledgeable

Please see the reference thread about diet, nutrition and supplements you can give rats
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