Advise needed


Apr 27, 2020
Hi, wanted to ask some advice. I have 4 girls. One is 4 yrs and old girlie and the other 3 are from same litter and about 7 months.

If it makes any sense our 3 younger girls have always been mega energetic and not that fussed by us. They come to you during free run, love being in a dressing gown and happily take treats from you, but kinda prefer each others company rather then ours (which is fine). Never in the past shown any sign of agression.

So last few weeks two of the younger girls have started to shown signs I am concerned about, especially being with an older girl. They have started nipping us and fighting with their sisters. They are not drawing blood but are pulling clups of fur out. I have also noticed during these tifs/fights they go puffy as well. And they also have started almost stamping their feet. I dnt think this is their normal play, seems too aggressive.

I am really worried about them as I dnt want anyone to get hurt but also am worried I may have to split them up. Any advice would be appreciated.

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