3 boys with lovely cage for free! Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Discussion in 'Third Party Rats for Rescue' started by glitchiq, Jan 27, 2018.

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    "I have 3 male rats in need of a good home. They have a multi level cage ( similar to the critter nation cages but not the same brand) all supplies come with. Everything is Free but PLEASE do not fed them to snakes. Teddy ( black with white belly) and Dusty (fawn colored) are brothers and they are about a year old. Peaty is grey and he is about 6 months old. They get along great but have occasional disagreements. They are wonderful pets but we just dont have enough time for them and I think they would be happier with someone who does. Teddy loves attention, and he craves is. Dusty is very friendly but because he is a dark ruby eyed rat his vision isnt the best and is spooked if you pet him from the top. He prefers to come to you. Peaty unfortunately is from a different breeder and has a natural skidish personality. He will come to you but is always a little hesitant. They have never bit and love the attention but also are a bit cage bound. They will crawl all over your hands but when you take them out always seem to want to go back in the cage. That is probably our fault for not having enough time for them. They LOVE frozen peas and baby carrots. They go nuts for yogurt. Ive tried other produce but peas and carrots seem to be their favorites. They really thrived on Oxbow adult rat pellets. I bought it at Pet Supplies Plus. Unfortunately money has been tight and I had to switch them to lab blocks and they eat them but its obvious they dont like them as much so I supplement them with fresh food often. The Oxbow food is $16 a bag and last them 3 weeks. Their food would of course be at the discretion of the buyer. I just want them to be loved. Their good Boys and deserve more then I can give them. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have about them

    Phone: (260) 804-4571"

    Worried that them going for free might tempt people looking for snake food, even though the burden of a full-size cage might be a deterrent to people looking for strictly food. Posting just in case!











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