1. B

    Lice and Pinworm treatment

    Recently took my 2 month old male rat to vet for pinworms and lice. Treated him and my 4 other boys with prescribed ivermectin liquid 1mg/ml diluted w/ 9mL of veggie oil. One more treatment 10 days from now. I've washed all fleece with hot water cycle and vinegar and dried on higher heat...
  2. Pandora

    New rat has mouth problem

    So I got a new baby yesterday, pulled him from the feeder Bin. I new he would be coming with a few complications because feeders are never healthy. He has rat lice which I am treating with revolution and also possibly an upper respiratory infection that I am keeping my eye on. I'm seeing...
  3. Caitlin


    Hi everyone! my 3 rats unfortunately have lice. I’ve got an appointment at the vet for them on Friday to get revolution cause i’ve read that’s what works best. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with what to do with their hammocks and houses in their cage after treatment? shall i wash...
  4. V

    Need some real advice please

    Hello. I recently rescued a young adult rat I name Loki from a school class pet. He was alone his whole life. I am new to rats. He quickly because super awesome and I decided to get him cagemates. The babies Ruckus And Rebel Loved him,they all loved each other. Not even a month after Loki...
  5. A


    Where can I purchase revolution online? I don’t have vet approval or prescription. I live in the US. My newest rat came with fleas or lice from the pet shop and I can’t seem to get them taken care of.
  6. Kiraa


    My boys recently have had lice AND mites. It’s very unfortunate that a few years ago I had one with lice and he unfortunately passed away after we couldn’t get them off of him. Now that we’re more educated, we looked up ways to get rid of them. I cleaned their cage with 1/10 part of bleach and...
  7. P


    So, I was trying to snuggle with my wiggle worms yesterday, and I noticed that one of my rats had dandruff on his back, and so I was playing around with his fur, and noticed that there was a bunch of red dots. I thought it was buck grease or something, till I noticed some of these dots were...
  8. A

    What to do?

    A few weeks ago, a rat was surrendered to my local pet store. I took her home the day she was surrendered. She has lice so she's been on ivermectin (oral) for 2 weeks now and her last dose will be next Tuesday. I'm wondering what to do until then? I'm guessing she's been alone her entire life...
  9. Jessica marie

    What to sanitize

    Hi! I recently got two adorable ratties and already had to treat them for lice they got from their bedding. I want to build them a playpen and jungle gym out of cardboard boxes, but I'm kinda terrified of having to deal with the lice again. Will they be OK with the cardboard boxes or should I...