1. Nathan

    Brain abcess / infection

    Has anyone ever dealt with this? What were the symptoms?
  2. lystelle

    is this a UTI or something else?

    Hi, my young boy Moose is having some sort of issue. He's generally healthy aside from some allergies, and is about 9 months old. Recently I noticed if he would pee on my arm or something as males do, it smelled very strong and unusual. Yesterday I was doing a checkup on him as I usually do, the...
  3. F

    Do you think this is an abscess?

    This is Oreo, he's a little over 6 months old. He was taken in to the vet for an infected bite on his testis. I have put polysporin on the infected area and cleaned it, and he is currently on antibiotics (6 days now) and a painkiller. He is showing no apparent signs of pain and he doesnt act...
  4. Henishry

    Saline Solution for Rats

    Hello! Earlier I made an at home saline solution for my rats abscess. It is made of 4 oz of distilled water and 1/4 tsp of sea salt. Is it safe to spray this solution near my male rats genital region? Will the salt cause an infection? Also, would adding a small amount of tea tree oil be...
  5. ShawnD

    Hi, new here, need urgent help, please!

    Hi! I'm new here and reaching out for some urgent advice.❤️ My big boy, Bear (abt 1.5-2 yrs old, and he's a little overweight, fyi) is suffering upper respiratory infection /distress at the moment. Last week he suddenly became worse and I gave him Cefalexin for 2 days until I could see a vet...
  6. Skaven

    Respiratory infection in rat - what to do?

    Hello, First my rat Burrito was sneezing a lot, so I took him to the vet and he got prescribed meds. After 5 days, his sneezing is gone, and I still have 2 days of treatments to do. However, today my rat Taco has started making honking noises and wheezing. I looked it up on youtube, and it...
  7. DanielZielwolf

    Ongoing treatment for inner ear infection

    I just adopted a male rat around 2 years old who's previously had an inner ear infection and because of that he has issues keeping his balance. I haven't looked after a rat with this issue before. All my other rats have had respiratory issues. He did get a course of Amoxicillin at the time to...
  8. R

    Respiratory Infection?

    One of my boys seems really prone to respiratory issues. He has been treated twice already and he recently started having breathing problems again. He seems to be having trouble breathing. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I don't want him to be having troubles and suffering from it...
  9. ollielolli

    HELP i think ollie may have a respiratory infection!

    I adopted my sweet boy ollie around 5 days ago and i've noticed him sneezing quite regularly (maybe 10 times a day) i know that that's not uncommon for rats to do when they're stressed/first come home but his nose seems to have a lot of build up as well. so far he seems as playful as always (i...
  10. S

    Questions about rat tail infection wip

    hi there, first of all thanks for clicking in. I have a rat named Dragon Slayer, she’s roughly 1 year and 2 months old now ( got her from a pet shop, she was around 1 month old back then). She’s a lovely girl who would just sit there for hours long cuddles. Last year around August one of my...
  11. Honeydewmelon

    Pituitary Tumor or Inner ear infection?

    Hi everyone, I have a 1 year old rat named Frida. Her cagemate just died of a pituitary tumor after 2 1/2 years on this earth. But before she died I asked to have the antibiotics for an inner ear infection from my vet, just in case it was an ear infection and she could get better. It was a...
  12. Quinn

    Red bump on my rats eye?

    Hello! So my rat Steve has been spotted with this little red bump on the back corner of his eye tonight and I'm quite worried as I recently lost another one of my boys to a nose infection and don't want to keep this too late. I first noticed it a few days ago while cleaning the cage that...
  13. C

    Eye Infection. Warning: Graphic

    My rat, Rim, was apart of one of two liters I accidentally had almost two years ago. She was born March 26, 2016. I currently have 14 and I've done years of research and reading to know everything I can about them to ensure they receive the proper care and diet. But I honestly have no idea what...
  14. A

    Young rat has recurring snuffle/wheeze

    I have a 5 month old rat who was treated by a vet for a sinus infection about one month ago. She was given a 10 day course of antibiotics and her snuffle was gone by around day 4. I’ve noticed it slowly coming back over the last week. I still think it’s only in her nose because I don’t hear it...
  15. lawless

    head tilt?

    hiya! my boy has started some... behavior i just cannot put my finger on im pretty experienced with rats, ive been caring for them and owning them for a very very long time now but this has me a little puzzled? hes really got me stumped! anyway, benvolio is 8 months old and hes started noticably...
  16. K

    Bath Time!

    Hey guys, My rats, Winston and Teddy, are taking their medicine and recovering from URIs. They're running around and getting into trouble and watching them is such a relief. HOWEVER, boys will be boys and they both need a bath. I've given them brief baths before, but I'm concerned they didn't...