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Pet For Sale Two baby girls in need of good home. (Adoption fee of 10$ each to ensure good home!) (America)

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Apr 15, 2021
Warsaw IL
About four weeks ago my new rat Pandora had an accidental litter and had six babies. We lost one sadly😕

So she had two males and three females. I can keep the two boys and one of the girls to stay with the mom, I just can't keep all of them at the moment.
If anyone is wanting pictures or to ask questions please feel free. There is an adoption fee of 10$ each (so 20$) to ensure a good home. The money will only go to toys for the new babies.

I live in Warsaw IL. I am not too sure if I can meet halfway anywhere because I cannot drive yet. My email will be down below:

[email protected]

Edit: You may also need to bring a carrier with you! Right now they are still in their nursery tank but will be moved into a proper cage in about a week. I try to let them play in my bathtub with me often so they are being handled and played with everyday!
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