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Jun 25, 2022
I'm hoping you can give me some advise, I've been to the vets 3 times in the last few months due to a Cyst on his neck. It's already cost a couple of hundred pounds but they've suggested getting a consultation for an operation on it which will be a lot more money. Has anyone experienced problems with a cyst and how did you sort it in the end? Thanks.
How old is he? Do you have pictures?
One of my rats had 4 cysts in her life, all of them when she got older. I was always able to treat them at home but they kept coming back because I was never able to get the sack out.

This video should show how to do it if it comes up again and you think you can do it, just take your time as it is a very stress full endeavor for all involved

As for how the cyst resolved, in my case the first went away for about 5 month after the at home treatment. the ones that came after never really resolved but I think they were due to a bacterial infection that was brewing. Taking the sack out would ensure the problem wont come up again but, on it's own, a cyst is not life threatening.
Hope this helps
Hi, he is 2 years old. I've attached a picture of the cyst, this is how it looked when I took him to the vets 3 weeks ago and the vet popped it like in the video but only 3 days after finishing his antibiotics it came back and that's when this picture was taken. I've been quoted £150 for a consultation for a surgery but have no idea how much that will be on top of the hundreds I've already spent on sorting this cyst out.

Is it cruel to leave it or will I have to either pay it or pop it myself? Thanks for the help!


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I have dealt with so many cysts, abscesses, and masses that I now do as much at home as possible. And actually, only younger, not overweight, and healthy (no URI symptoms at all) rats are ever considered for surgical removal by a vet. In most cases it's either treated by myself or allowed to take it's natural course until it adversely affects the rat, mainly tumors with complications or involvement with any processes or organs. Once a tumor is having an impact on any of these things, the rat is vetted and, if necessary, euthanized. I have had anywhere from 2 to 12 rats at all times for many years, most are rescues I temporarily foster and rehab (behavioral or health) and ready for adoption. If they don't ever become adoptable, they are then failed and I give them their forever home. So I have had lots of rattie health issues that I've dealt with at home. I do no invasive procedures and nothing that would produce more than superficial and transient pain. And of course I have Metacam and a few other pain meds on hand, even the ones not easily obtainable. But any pain that needs a vet to treat is immediately rushed to my vets. (Yes, I have a few, for varying reasons and issues). Anyway, remember that cysts are generally not painful, but abscesses are. Masses and growths can be but don't have to be. Know the signs your rat expresses that denote pain so you can recognize the amount of pain she's in, that's the most important thing to learn. Best luck to everyone. Time for me to check in on my sicklies.