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Nov 21, 2022
Maybe someone here can help me. 4 days ago I adopted a rat, she is 8 months old and I wanted to add her into my group. I don’t know what the owner did with her before, she is very curious but also starts biting very fast and aggressive, it’s not just a nipping, she is really biting. Does anybody have ideas how I can get her used to my hands?
Im not to experienced with female rats but maybe getting her used to your scent? or when needing to handle her you can wear thick gloves or pet her with the gloves on to get her used to the feeling of you petting her.
Try yogurt on a t spoon will teach her that not everything is able to be bitten, she may have not been fed by hand a lot, maybe not socialised, it will take time for her to adjust to new home, new noises, new people and smells, it can take weeks to months or longer, good luck 🤞