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Feb 16, 2022
hello everyone! i have recently gotten 2 rats from a breeder who was downsizing due to personal stuff. long story short they escaped while she was cleaning their cage and were loose together for about a week. they’re male and female, so she might be pregnant. the breeder thinks she’s pregnant, so i’m gonna assume that she is as well. super excited as these will be my first rat babies. will try to get some pics of mom & dad and update as much as possible! :)
Congrats on your two rats. Are they your first? I can feel your excitement.
mom (blue) and dad (black) they’re currently unnamed. they’re separate now!! mom started getting aggressive with my other female, so now she is alone in the tank. dad gets along well with his new friends though. not sure if a tank is the best thing to use for a pregnant rat? i think it’s around 15-20 gallons and it has a custom lid made by the breeder for ventilation
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They're so cute. Sad that she has to separate. Shall she stay there until she gives birth? Hopefully, someone shows up and share an expert opinion.
Sorry, just being curious. How's the pregnant mom doing?☺️
she’s doing great!! she has already built a nest and has started storing a lot of food. i wish i could take pics, but she never comes out of her little house lol. i think she’ll have them this weekend :)
she had 8 babies, but one was stillborn. she’s doing fine and so are the other 7 babies!
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What? That's quite a good crowd, congrats to you both. Excited to see more pics.
here’s all of them! im planning on keeping a couple, and then finding pet homes for the rest :)
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They're so innocent and amazing. Isn't it hard deciding who to keep?:)
They're so innocent and amazing. Isn't it hard deciding who to keep?:)
definitely gonna be super hard, but it makes it easier knowing that they’ll all be at good homes! i wouldnt mind if they all stayed with me though lol 🙈
2 days old!! they're all doing great :D mom is super protective, so i can’t get good pics lol. already have some potential homes lined up for the girls!! no one has been interested in the boys though. seems like maybe girls are more popular around here 🤔 i prefer boys though so i definitely wont be upset if they never leave 🙈
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