No money? No vet? Don't have pets!!!

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Jul 18, 2023
"Pets may not be our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."
"Pets may ony be in our life for a fraction of time, but we are there for their whole time."
And so it goes.
If you do not have all the funds?
Dont have pets. You bought them. They are your responsibility now. Your responsibility to remove that tumor. Provide the millionth round of antibiotics. Even though that wheeze comes back, that cancer comes back. Their long healthy life is more important.
Nevermind that dog was on the kill list, that hen was up for slaughter, that little rat in that bin wrapped in the metaphorical snake.
The road to hell was paved in best intentions.
Better to do nothing than only provide minimally.
Pets are a luxury you see! You are not entitled to own pets! You must earn them.
No money? No vet? Don't have pets!!!

Trigger warning for the following short stories.
Hi, my name is Sally. My daddy owns a farm. He let me have a pig to call my very own! I named him Silly Milly when he was itty bitty, and we loved to run and play. Im very very happy I saved him from the slaughter house that day! Silly Milly got all the best scraps and veggies i hated from the table, and i made him his own little hat!
What's that? Milly isn't hungry? His leg looks all bubbly? Daddy can we help him? No? That is that?
Hi, they call me Silly Milly, well my little girl does at least. Her father calls me bacon, but mainly to poke fun... I think... I make his daughter happy so he keeps me around, and to tell you the truth, though i miss my piggy family, her hugs, and veggies, and love make me feel happy happy happy.
But something feels different, i feel quite sick, something happened to my leg I think. It surly does hurt. Sally's Daddy said no vet to her, and now she is crying. "Life's not fair!". So off i go on the truck where my piggy family went.
I love you Silly Sally, thank you for my hat. Please dont feel sad.

My name is Anthony, i work in a street circus. I found this starving street cat and i named him Mervin. Mervin was a shy one, but boy was he a sly one. With lots of treats he was quick on his feet! Soon he stole the act!
Mervin is my everything, and his talent helped my buy my van! We work hard for food for one another. We worked for every can.
Today a man told me the act was over. PETA made me a villian, i was using Mervin in a way? No one wanted to see us and now I lost the van I slept, homeless shelters will not let cats stay.
Goodbye Mr. Mervin. I have no money for the animal shelter to take you in. No one wants a beat up old stray cat that knows a few tricks, no one not shady at least.
My name is Mervin. I grew up on the streets. Until a strange man pat my head one day and i followed him for weeks.
I watched him do funny things for pennies, and soon i wanted to take part. He gave me as much food he could spare, some warmth, and his heart. This man was a dream come true. Then pennies stopped coming, and his tears started pouring. So i had to say goodbye to Anthony, he knew not what to do. I understood as in the world loss was not new. So back i went that winter. My fur slowly meeting bone, i missed Anthony dearly, and wished I had a home. But no one wants an old stray cat who would need a vet that very afternoon

Henry is the name, and Kali is my twin flame! A dog of spirit and conviction rescued from the death sentence just hours before she slipped away. She is not good with other pets, and people she will second guess. But i have taught her trust and given lots of tasty treats to train and ease the stress. Today there was an accident. Kali was hit by a car.
I just spent all my savings on an emergency just weeks ago, not expecting such a mess! I scream and cry, this isn't fair! I have just a hundred dollars less than she'll need to save her life!
Kali is my name. And as i start to fade,flashing before my eyes it's not the pain of now, nor before henry, but the years life i gained.

My name is Clarissa, i have a pocket pooch. I sometimes call him Larry, he is a little ****. He is nice to show off now and again, but he gets into trash and wouldn't learn and bit.
But i buy the very best food, and sometimes toys, usually clothes to flaunt around my Beverly Hills Neighborhood.
Today he has an ugly bump, ill get that removed tomorrow. My dog walker Annie will then be his Nannie until he is better.
My name is Stop That, Shut Up, my Nick Name is Larry. My mom is kind of mean. She only likes to show me off, or at least that is what it seems. Im often very bored and stressed, and only Annie seems to know it.
I get stress poo, but i do get better quickly when doctors poke and prod me. Mommy say's im too expensive that i fit right in her Prada.
Oh i wish to be like those big dogs i think, as i drift to sleep for another bump removal.

Our names are squeaks, squeak, and squeaking. We are lovely little rats. We are very hot and crowded in this store where claws reach in to grab us by tails to never be seen again. We are very scared and stressed and the big humans are scary, we dream of warmth, and love, and a thing i think called blueberries.

I am the human, walking by the store. I see these many ratlets scampering and shivering. I wish i could take some. But they would become my responsibility you see. It really would be dumb. They are probably prone to sickness, and a vet i can't afford. I could save up for the next 12 years! Ill come back and save some then!

I am squeaks, my sisters, they are gone. The claw is coming for me next, and i fear my life is done...

Squeaks, squeak, and squeaking never felt a loving scritch. Nor did they get blueberries. In a non anthropomorphic world they didnt know what they were missing, but is that better? Worse?
True to buy them irresponsibly isnt the best idea. But if that human could feed them, water them, house them, and love them, even if she couldn't afford the vet bills down the line and could only put them down after she TRY to find someone to help when suffering is apparent, why shouldnt she save them. Why shouldnt those rats get love, and blueberries, even if the situation isnt PERFECT. life isnt fair. But why cant that human be inspired to save them now, and work hard to be better for them in the future, and if not better in time for them, inspired to be better for the next?
Too many pets are born a day to all have the perfect outcome.
Too many shelters are full to help.
Too many houses with full pet rosters.
Every pet brought to the shelter, is another with no safe place to go. Every home told they are not perfect enough to own a pet is a pet dead.
Unimaginable numbers of animals live and die horrible deaths every day. Numerous humans meet similar unfairness and tragedy in life.
If you made it this far in this post, who are you to judge the story that are others lives.
Money is not everything.
Pets have thousands spent upon them and plenty of vet care in the world, to live bland, miserable, or lonely lives in the human world.
Quality over quantity!
How dare you judge a person for not being able to provide quantity but do their best for quality.
Life isnt fair.
Random emergencies happen.
Pets are not privilege, but life is a right, and death and suffering is a part of life.
Do those pets not have a right to even a little life because this person is not perfectly qualified?
If i can provide better quality, that avoids undue suffering, is better than their fate before, buys them some time of happiness, appreciation, and love, why shouldnt I?!
Stop gate keeping pet rats. Stop telling pet owners they are irresponsible for their only fault being lack of money for vet care.
There are too many pets. Too much suffering.
Unless you believe every animal on this planet should be euthanized immediately to avoid suffering? Have you NEVER been in a position that emergency after emergency hit and you couldn't spend on one more vet treatment?
The only requirements that there should be are
Food, water, shelter, love, enrichment, and Freedom from fear, hunger, or pain. And the fortitude to make hard decisions when those factors cant be kept.
There are too many pets on the planet to simply rehome them all. There is simply too much poverty for everyone to afford them all. But there is no limit to love. Quality over quantity. If there is love, and caring, and empathy, and compassion for only a day, a week, a month, a year...
I say that is better than telling people to get rid of pets or not have them because they are not the perfect home. Life isnt fair. And the more people you bully like this, the more pets miss out on any semblance of love, compassion, or hope or LIFE.
This is not an excuse for lazy, uncaring,wreckless, selfish, pet owners that see pets as replaceable commodities. Yes these people shouldn't have pets.
This is not permission to hoard animals, or own many thoughtlessly at a risk to the others.
This is NOT permission to not try and have veterinary savings, or use as an excuse to not go to the vet even if you can afford it.
you should always try to get help. You should always try to see a vet.
But love and compassion is a right and a privilege to have in this sometimes horrible world. I think people deserve to feel safe giving that love, and every animal deserves the right to have just a taste of it if they can.

"Pets may not be our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."
"Pets may only be in our life for a fraction of time, but we are there for their whole time."

May the pets you own, even if not in the best circumstances of your life inspire your whole life for the better; and may your pets whole life no matter how long be one of love and happiness, and an end of peace even if you couldn't afford to traditionally extend it.
And may you have compassion for other humans, and stop shaming them if they are not your "ideal" pet parent.