Canada (Other) FREE 3 girls being rehomed - Saint John NB

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Jul 21, 2007
central New Brunswick Canada
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Free means they are at risk of being live snake food or breeders … this person just wants to get rid of them

I am offering a very large, 3 platform cage. It originally is for ferrets, but can be used for rats if you use chicken wire. It currently is chicken wired but was done by amateurs so it may need to be redone. They just keep squirming out and it's caused an incredible amount of stress on me and the other animals in the house as well as the rats themselves. I just can't pour anymore money into making the cage work for them. I thought they'd be fine in there but they are small enough to squeeze out. I couldn't take it back to the store because they wouldn't take it since we let the rats go in it (for the 5 mins i had them there, noting they could escape). so i'm stuck with a cage not fully finished to suit them and 3 girls who are just wearing me down with how much they work to get out. I can't risk their safety or that of the other animals anymore. The 3 rats are female, bonded, and about 1 year old. They must all go together. You have to be able to come pick it up, I cannot deliver it. It's free, I just want it and them to go to someone who will have the time and finances to pick up where I left off with them. The cage will come with the water bottle and food dish and small plastic red house/hut. Thanks.
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