Antibiotics shipped to Canada?

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May 14, 2018
Hope everyone is well.

Been using pigeon/bird powder antibiotics ordered from the States for a decade now. I used to order from All Bird and Jedds, but now neither are able to ship to Canada due to tightened border restrictions they say. I tried some other websites and no luck. Do any Canadians know of a place we can still order from?

I'm out of Enro and have a girl who needs treated asap. I only have expired Doxy from 10/2023 I'm wondering if I should start. Unfortunately, and /this is embarrassing, I haven't had any $ to take her to the vet, to the point of considering rehoming. 😟
Does anyone in the Maritimes have some powder Enro they are willing to sell some of? We are in Moncton, NB and can drive a few hours to pick it up.
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