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  1. R

    How do I convince parents to allow rat

    Hello, I have been graced with the fantastic opportunity to take care of a rat for breaks including summer. However, my parents despise rats and think that that people will judge them for having one. How do I respectfully convince them to allow rats into the house.
  2. Pandora

    Swollen or just fat?

    So i was looking at beans face and it looks swollen, is he just fat or does it look like he got bit by something?
  3. Caitlin

    Respiratory problem not getting better :(

    Hello, one of my rats has had an ongoing respiratory problem that first flared up when he was around six months old and he is now 11 months. He’s been on and off doxy and baytril and the first time the doxy really helped him and he was back to normal within days. the baytril did absolutely...
  4. C

    rat with rectal prolapse, please help!!

    hello! as read in the title, i believe my rat may have a mild to moderate rectal prolapse and i am extremely worried on what exactly to do. i am a first time rat owner, currently owning two for almost three months. they’ve been completely fine during these three months, as i’ve been so...
  5. R

    Making a clicking noise and breathing heavy. URI?

    Okay guys things seem to have taken a turn for the worst :( My rat Subie is not being as active as normal and she's making a clicking noise almost constantly. She seems to be breathing heavy and she keeps sitting in the same spot breathing hard for long periods of time. I started noticing this...
  6. Mialee


    Hi, So I rescued two female rats to go with my lone female rat and I think one of them may have gone blind in one eye. She had two dark ruby eyes when I got her but suddenly one of her eyes has gone grey. I have included some photos below - does this need vetinary attention? She doesn’t seem to...
  7. Grace

    HELP! Rat eye injury!

    My rats were pretty newly introduced to each other. So occasionally, they have little fights for domance. Tonight they were fighting and I heard a louder than usual squeak so I immediately came and checked them out. One off my rats’ eye was bleeding and turned red. Much like the red eyes of...