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  1. CLee421

    Expecting momma

    Hi! My first two baby rattie boys are just over a week old at their breeder’s - I’m just joining to start browsing and get more advice and input because the FB groups I’ve found aren’t quite as active as I would like. Right now I’m interested in stocking my boys’ “mansion” with ramps ropes and...
  2. A

    Are my rats content?

    I was given two rats yesterday by my friend, who bought them from a woman so they wouldn't be used as feed rats. I went to petco to buy everything (I hope) they needed. They're both males, we were told they're brothers. I just want to make sure they're content and don't need anything else. They...
  3. Emy

    Playpen toy suggestions?

    I just made a playpen and wondering what is recommended for toys? I have a small soft crinkle tunnel. Some wood rolling toys and the cages are in there for climbing (with chew toys in there) but that's about it. Not much interest in anything but mildly in chew toys and climbing the cages. What...
  4. Jessica marie

    Most loved toys

    HI guys! I'm just wondering what your ratties favorite toys are (pictures if you have them, please)...I currently have two boys (getting four more around the end of the month)...I love just observing them playing/chewing, and really enjoy making them toys myself, but I'm getting discouraged. I...
  5. Olympia✨

    URGENT: Mites on Rats/Wooden Toys/Cage Cleaning?

    Hello all! I literally just created an account to get advice So about a week ago I treated my dog for fleas and the other day I found mites on my ratties I’m lucky to be in the UK because we have some pretty good spot-on for rats with ivermectin (called beaphar) which should arrive on...
  6. Jessica marie

    What to sanitize

    Hi! I recently got two adorable ratties and already had to treat them for lice they got from their bedding. I want to build them a playpen and jungle gym out of cardboard boxes, but I'm kinda terrified of having to deal with the lice again. Will they be OK with the cardboard boxes or should I...