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  1. F

    Rat pups and adults for adoption

    Abandoned pregnant rats rescued from Harrisburg area have started having their babies We have set up an adoptathon, on December 17, 2022, as a way of finding homes for all of the rats. We have set up the adoption event as a way of showcasing all of the rats we have and finding loving homes for...
  2. RatPrincess


    Hi guys, My name is Kaligh. I've been interested in rats since I was a little girl but my family was anti rodent so I was never able to get some. I am finally fulfilling this dream in a few weeks and getting rats of my own from a breeder nearby(Ish). I'm super excited. Here is a little about...
  3. Crimson

    Looking for three or four boys.

    Four male dumbo rats needed for pets. Please let me know if you have any pups. I've just lost my little SocRates after 4.6 years and would like to adopt a new pack. Thank you :)
  4. B

    6 Rats! 4 females 2 males!

    I got a female by accident when buying 2 males. A pregnancy insued and I cant take care of these rats any longer. I have 4 female rats, 2 albino and 2 black and white, and 2 albino males. I will NOT sell them as feeders. There will be a 20$ rehoming fee to ensure that they are not being used as...
  5. T

    USA New Virginian Rat Momma Looking to Adopt!

    Hi there I will be moving to the state of Virginia to attend college and was wondering if there are any rat adoption centers or official breeders in the area. I will not be dealing with anyone who is unsafely breeding their rats. I will have two large cages in my new house, both of them will be...