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  1. R

    How do I convince parents to allow rat

    Hello, I have been graced with the fantastic opportunity to take care of a rat for breaks including summer. However, my parents despise rats and think that that people will judge them for having one. How do I respectfully convince them to allow rats into the house.
  2. Courtney Carter

    HELP!! Rat with suddenly declining health?

    I am incredibly concerned currently. I have been monitoring my rat fish for a few days, his behavior has changed a bit and I checked him out and eventually noticed his teeth seeming to be over grown. He’s not the biggest chewer but hasn’t struggled until recently. His behavior changed only a few...
  3. L

    USA PLEASE 2 females in need/home

    Hello, I have 2 girl rats, (Raleigh,Nc) and I love them so much however it has gotten to a point I can longer take care of them the way I believe they deserve. One of the females has a large mammory tumor that has gotten out of hand, and the other is completely healthy. They are both sweet...
  4. Caitlin

    Respiratory problem not getting better :(

    Hello, one of my rats has had an ongoing respiratory problem that first flared up when he was around six months old and he is now 11 months. He’s been on and off doxy and baytril and the first time the doxy really helped him and he was back to normal within days. the baytril did absolutely...
  5. E

    Aggressive Rats

    Hey there, my husband and I have 3 girls of our own (Kitai, Ana and Tali) and all of them have become EXTREMELY aggressive, lunge biting, biting threw the cage, attacking when we try to change food and give them fresh water. We are at our wits end with them and to be honest it's breaking our...
  6. B

    Help! New rattie with a really swollen face...

    Okay. So. I just had a poor baby die from old age, and I didn't want Ronnie to be all by herself. I got two more baby girls to keep her company and to have them aquainted was a bit tough, but they seemed to get along fine after a few days to a week. I woke up this morning to my Hooded rat...