Help! New rattie with a really swollen face...

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Feb 24, 2019
Okay. So. I just had a poor baby die from old age, and I didn't want Ronnie to be all by herself. I got two more baby girls to keep her company and to have them aquainted was a bit tough, but they seemed to get along fine after a few days to a week. I woke up this morning to my Hooded rat, Ellie, having a really swollen face, with some rusty tears around her eyes. I'm not sure what is going on??? I'm concerned about if she can eat or drink or anything??


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Jul 21, 2007
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Having access to a good vet with the knowledge and experience to treat rats or at least a good vet who likes rats and is willing to learn is absolutely essential to having pet rats.

Facial swelling can be dangerous and she needs to see a good vet asap.
Since she is young it is likely a facial abscesses. Facial abscesses are very dangerous and often kill, so she needs to see a vet, needs appropriate antibiotics, and may need surgery

Check her teeth to make sure they are not too long, and have not pierced the inside of her mouth

Warm (not hot) compresses can help to bring an abscess to a head, but personally I would not fool around with a facial abscess. See http://ratguide.com/health/integumentary_skin/abscess.php

You can try feeding her soft foods so that she gets nutrition and to help her to stay hydrated
Grind up some of her blocks and soak them in cool water to make mush, feed organic soy infant formula thickened with baby cereal.. Both of these will give her needed nutrition and help to keep her hydrated

Other things include: cooked real whole grain oatmeal, cooked quinoa, cooked sweet potato, cooked squash, and baby food

I hope she is soon seen by a good vet, gets the care she needs, and is soon feeling much better
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Jul 21, 2007
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Can you see the connective tissue on the front of her eye? I assume from the pic the facial swelling is both sides equally? How long have you had the babies now? a week or 2? Is anyone sneezing or acting sick?

My worry is SDA virus as one of the symptoms is facial swelling, the tissue showing in the corner of the eye.

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