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  1. T


    Hi everyone, I live in Cambridge, Ontario Canada. I had a elderly Rat named Jimmy, that I'm completely heartbroken passed away. We have no local vet that cares for rats, unfortunately we would have to drive to either Guelph (which I heard is terrible) or drive to Waterloo. Jimmy didn't handle...
  2. R

    Spooky and Dumpling

    Here are Spooky and Dumpling! I adopted them from All Creatures Rescue in Ontario Canada, and I've had them for almost a year now. They are a year and eight months old. They were in a foster home before I took them in. I love them sooo much, They are my first rats! I've wanted to adopt rats for...
  3. kko2046

    Please share vet for rats in Ontario/Canada - about Millennium City Veterinary

    Hi I have asked before and would like to ask again... if anyone in Ontario/Canada has had decent (or even average) experiences with vet clinics that handle ratties, please share... seems hard to find and I think a list of a few of them would help members with a sick rattie tremendously. I think...
  4. A

    Two males looking for a new home in Durham Region, Ontario

    REHOMED Looking to rehome two standard males - approx 4 mos. old. Located in Port Perry but willing to deliver within surrounding area. Free to a loving home. No supplies included.