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  1. R

    Spooky and Dumpling

    Here are Spooky and Dumpling! I adopted them from All Creatures Rescue in Ontario Canada, and I've had them for almost a year now. They are a year and eight months old. They were in a foster home before I took them in. I love them sooo much, They are my first rats! I've wanted to adopt rats for...
  2. Pandora

    Eye bulging

    This photo does it no justice, but my new guy, since day one, has had a slightly bigger right eye than left. When I can pet him, his eyelid can close over the eye but i feel it's more buldged than left as well. Unfortunately I am really tight for money, i can take him to the vet but i cant...
  3. Pandora


    Hey so, I have never adopted a rat before. I usually get mine from a local breeder. I adopted my first rat not too long ago. He is very skiddish and if picked up will run. He sometimes lets me pet his head and ears but also bites if given the chance. I did a stupid thing and tried to pick him...