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Mission Control -- All is ratness
Apr 12, 2013
Ontario, Canada
Fellow members of SHIELD: Rat Division,

We regret to inform you that Special Agent Oleksii has retired from service. Bureau C (Archives, Documents, and Nest Paper) is still adjusting to the loss of its most experienced agent.

His departure was sudden; he had what was likely a stroke, possibly a brain bleed of some other kind, around 6:30pm. 15-20 minutes later, he turned in his clipboard and badge. Special Agents Lynda and Dolly gave him a goodbye groom.

Oleksii was a sweet, gentle boy with a sense of humour. He loved packing paper, dairy-free coconut dessert, pea fishing, pink bamboo finger traps, corn, and his ladies. The one good thing about him passing before the ladies is that, after a rough start that saw him lose everyone and everything he'd ever known, from the time he met Lynda and Dolly, he has never known loss or loneliness. He wasn't a huge fan of being cuddled, but he loved a good sleeve to hang out in. Heavier-grade paper was his specialty. The ladies move a lot of tissue paper, but Oleksii preferred phone book, packing paper, and torn up paper pharmacy bags.

In April, he was diagnosed with the possible onset of a pituitary mass. He was developing hind-end paralysis, eating with one hand, and had a slight head tilt. With the exception of the hind-end paralysis, his symptoms had not become noticeably worse between then and now. The stroke was a surprise.

Oleksii was a wonderful agent, an excellent archivist, and a dear friend. He was much loved, and will be greatly missed.

Mission Control
SHIELD: Rat Division

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I'm so sorry for your loss. No doubt Special Agent Oleksii was assigned to an elite division over the Rainbow Bridge, where he will continue to serve with great distinction.