Rat Tumor Removal?

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Nov 10, 2023
Spirit developed a growth on her back around 2 months ago.
At first we assumed it was an abscess so we waited for a while hoping it would go away like it did on our other babies. When it didn't we took her to the vet to check it out.
As it turns out, it's a growth. The doctor is unable to determine what kind of tumor this is as she did not want to do a ephinesy for the fear of spreading the infection.
She told us that as soon as it started lacerating we should let her know and she could remove it.
The issue is, Spirit's not that young either (29 months) and we're afraid she won't make it through the surgery. The doctor says she has a 50% chance of success with this surgery but I'm not sure. Vets always do try to make things better than they are.
I wanted to know if anyone has any advice on what to do and whether we should go through with this.
All opinions are appreciated.