Pet Rat started falling to one side, very unbalanced, lethargic not pooping

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Last Monday morning, Joey (our pet Rat) was completely normal, playful happy.
Monday 4pm, play time. We open the cage and he is dragging his hind legs, not very lively. In the past 11days he has lost 100grams, is not pooping on his own and is barely getting around.

Multiple vet visits
X-rats done, initially though heart issue put on enaril, meloxidyl, gabapentin, clavamox.

3days later no improvement and no pooping.
More x rays, determined not heart but possible kidney or intestinal infection. Taken off of enapril. Put on metaclopromide, clavamox, meloxidyl & gabapentin.

6 days later (today) blood work came back with no abnormalities.
only pooping with assistance and it is all soft. Very lethargic. When he tries to walk he falls to his right side.

We are desperate to figure this out
I read that your rat passed away, I am so sorry to hear that. I had a beloved rat named Charlie years and years ago. He started dragging his back legs and the vets then weren't as up-to-date as they are now. He said I could try swimming therapy to strengthen his hind legs. I would fill the bath tub up with warm water and hold his upper body up as his back legs swam. He never got better, but I did everything I knew how to do for him. He was such a good rat.
We have another one showing EARLY signs that Joey had (we are a rescue & sanctuary so we have 17 right now)

We are getting him started on Carbogoline today to be on the safe side.