1. Aliciagraceex

    VERY timid rats.. can someone help me?

    Hey! If anyone can give me some advice i would appreciate it so much! I adopted 3 ex-lab rat babies who needed a home & they were 8 weeks old when i got them🥰 they're 3 girls and i've had them for about a month... the only problem is that i'm finding it pretty difficult to tame them. I try and...
  2. Kyn

    Taming an adult rat with aggressive body language?

    I have three boys. Two are complete loves and love to be pet and handled. The third, Gatsby, has always hated being touched. He's about 8 months now and I just kind of leave him be. If I try to touch him, he rears up on his hind legs and tries to push me away with his paws and/or teeth. He...
  3. Angelrattie

    Handling Skittish Rats?

    I think by now it's safe to say that my rats are tame. They come to the front of the cage to see me, they take food from me, and climb on my legs during free range/taming. But one aspect of this taming thing that I'm struggling with is getting my rats used to handling. I don't really know what...
  4. Mialee

    HELP my rat is biting!

    I have a rescue rat who was neglected quite badly in her previous home. She’s been with me for nearly 3 weeks now and I’ve been trying desperately to get her to be tame. She was never taken out of her cage in her previous home and from what we know she bit the owner when they first got her as a...
  5. Mialee

    Help needed for new rescue!!

    Hi, Yesterday I adopted a little girl rat (about 10 months old) who was treated really badly in her previous home. The owner let her get so bad that she had such a bad respiratory infection that she is no longer allowed to live with other rats. She was kept on her own her whole life and I feel...
  6. M

    Will a Companion Help a Shy Rat? How would I bond them?

    Hi everyone! I had gotten two female rats about six months ago. Unfortunately, one of them passed away a month ago due to a sudden upper respiratory infection. My rat Dixie has always been very shy. She comes up to the cage and is curious, but she does not like to be pet sometimes (most of the...