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  1. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    play area troubles...advice needed!

    I have four rats, and I know that it's good for them to have at least an hour of time out of their cage every day. In the past, I would simply let them run around my room. However this proved to be problematic, as they would chew through my bedding, curtains, and the clothes and bags in my...
  2. S

    My girls don't trust me :(

    Hey all new rat mom of 12 and very much in need of some pointers getting my girls to trust me. I talk to all of them in the room often so they get use to my voice and hopefully associate it with safe good vibes. I have two cages setup one with 5 boys one with 6 girls and one on her own at the...
  3. C

    General advice?

    Wasn’t sure where exactly to put this since I wanted to combine a bunch of questions in to one big post. I want to give my ratties a good life, and maybe spoil them a bit. I know I could always google things, but I love the individual advice I get ^^ y’all are wonderful! first off, I’ve only...
  4. O

    Good quick play areas?

    Hey rat pack, So my girls are starting to become more explorative and I'm hesitant to let them play outside their cage. I don't have much when it comes to large spaces, plus we have a few cats who are curious. I could probably set up something on top of my bed. Something easily foldable to store...
  5. M

    Particle board

    Would it be safe to use particle board to make a little house in a play area for my rattie?