1. I

    Respiratory infection? Or not? (Odd noises)

    So—here’s the backstory. I have four rats, Bean, Peanut, Pancake, and Pistachio. The latter of the three are all younger (about three months old) Recently I’ve noticed that Pancake and Pistachio have been making this cooing sound; almost like a pigeon. Not all the time, but sometimes, and I know...
  2. Jordanb1998

    Please help! 2 new babies and I’m panicking!

    Hi guys, I never really post on things like this but I am lost and scared and so confused. Anyways I got 2 female rats on Saturday afternoon and they’ve been doing okay but I’m very concerned about them not trusting me. I have not been able to hold them at all and that concerns me. They both...
  3. ColucciRats

    My rat sneezing a lot in the mornings

    Hi, I have been the proud mommy of many rats over the years. Normally when we come across an issue we can take care of it ourselves, but I decided to sign up and ask here. Right now we have two precious boys who are near 2 years old, but doing well. The one we'll be talking about today is...
  4. RatsDrawBlood

    weird rat noise. no i mean really weird.

    She just made a sound three times, with a pause after the first one, then a few seconds pause after the second. Each time is a second or two of constantly repeating gurgle like liquid sloshing? Way louder and different than bruxing or myco. Then she did a fourth time quieter and more squeeky...