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  1. Jordanb1998

    Please help! 2 new babies and I’m panicking!

    Hi guys, I never really post on things like this but I am lost and scared and so confused. Anyways I got 2 female rats on Saturday afternoon and they’ve been doing okay but I’m very concerned about them not trusting me. I have not been able to hold them at all and that concerns me. They both...
  2. E

    My rat sneezing a lot in the mornings

    Hi, I have been the proud mommy of many rats over the years. Normally when we come across an issue we can take care of it ourselves, but I decided to sign up and ask here. Right now we have two precious boys who are near 2 years old, but doing well. The one we'll be talking about today is...
  3. RatsDrawBlood

    weird rat noise. no i mean really weird.

    She just made a sound three times, with a pause after the first one, then a few seconds pause after the second. Each time is a second or two of constantly repeating gurgle like liquid sloshing? Way louder and different than bruxing or myco. Then she did a fourth time quieter and more squeeky...