1. Furryfuzzbucket

    Chatty Ratty

    3 days ago I felt in love with this little girl at the pet store. I brought her home with the assurance that aside from her not really having been socialized with people, that the sound she has been making (which made me fall in love with her) she has making ever since they got her in a month...
  2. Rat-a-tata

    Stealing food from cage mates mouth

    Hi all, I’ve been looking online, and on the forums on here for some information but with no success, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I have 3 girls - Poppy, 3, and Milly, and Moo, both 6 months. Milly and Moo were introduced to Poppy when they were 8 weeks old...
  3. hannahallie101

    Skittish Ratties

    Hey, so almost 2 months ago I adopted a pair of baby rats. I found them on Kijiji and contacted the owner. We discussed the details and we both agreed that I would come adopt some of her ratties. Over the phone she seemed like an experience rat owner and I had no doubts. The rats lived several...
  4. O

    7 month old rat acting out of character and weary.

    Both my boys are about 6-7 months old, are living together and came from the same litter. Two nights ago after coming home from work (at around 1am) one of my rats, Obi, was extremely skittish and nervous. He didn’t come up to the cage as usual and just stayed hidden behind his exercise wheel...