male rats

  1. Bloop

    Butterball is excessively grooming.

    Hello all! So I have four boys: Butterball (The lad in question) Dumpling(Brother purchased from breeder at the same time) Moose + Chip (Brothers added a month later for reasons I will explain below) When I first got Butterball and Dumpling, Butterball always seemed very timid compared to...
  2. Pingu

    1 male being restricted food by other 3, please help

    Hello. I have 4 un-neutered male rats living together in a single critter nation. They are all around 5-6 months old. I've recently started noticing that one of the boys, Pigeon, is always thinner than the rest of them. It's very noticeable upon picking him up that he's much skinnier than the...
  3. R

    Boys eating fleece

    I have three male, un-neutered rats in a double Ferret Nation, and I use a fleece lining for the plastic pans. This method has worked great for about a year, but recently, they've taken to eating the fleece. I first noticed it when my oldest boy, about 2+ years old, injured his leg in a fall...
  4. Caitlin

    can my boy live by himself?

    hi guys, yesterday i had to say goodbye to one of my beautiful boys due to a respiratory disease :( he lived with his brother and they’ve only just turned one this month. so far, james seems to be doing ok. he was looking around my room for william for about half an hour after he died but now he...
  5. Crimson

    Looking for three or four boys.

    Four male dumbo rats needed for pets. Please let me know if you have any pups. I've just lost my little SocRates after 4.6 years and would like to adopt a new pack. Thank you :)
  6. Caitlin

    please help my rats are fighting :(

    I have two male rats who are 8 months old and are brothers so have lived together their whole lives and never had any problem. Recently, the bigger rat (william) has been picking on the smaller one (james) to the point where he actually gets fluffed up and bites james leaving cuts in his skin. I...
  7. Beaglebagel

    Exercise wheel: Silent Runner

    Hello everyone! I got my 2 male rats (Oscar & Beep-O) a silent runner wheel. I was really exited to set it up in their cage. Problem is they show no intrest in running on it. Oscar who is skittish runs away everytime it starts to spin and Beep-O throws nesting materials inside of it and sleeps...
  8. Kyn

    What's normal for play fighting between young males?

    I have three males who were all raised together. They are all about 9 weeks. During free roam especially they chase each other and pin each other onto their backs. However, what worries me is that they let out short, high-pitched squeaks when this happens, like they are in pain. I also noticed...