elderly rat

  1. Ravien715

    Urine positive for leukocytes and protein.

    Hi! I regularly test my elderly rats urine to make sure everything is okay. Today after test I can see on the strip that he's positive for leukocytes and proteins. Should I be worried and trying to get a hold of our vet? He is very active, eating and drinking as normal. He is two years old...
  2. Courtney Carter

    Aging Rat Showing Odd New Behaviors

    Hello all, I have a boy named Fish, he’s 3 and the love of my life, I’ve had him since about four months and we’ve had such a good time together and still do. Recently, he’s developed some odd behaviors and I’m wondering if he could be approaching his final days or just being an old guy. He...
  3. Rattimus

    Old rat with open cyst/abscess?...Need Advice

    So my rat is getting old, maybe has a week left to live. I took him to the vet a few days ago, he got antibiotics and pain meds, as well as wound care for a cyst he has on his belly. The problem with the cyst is that the original scab has fallen off and now it is wide open showing his abdominal...