1. Bloop

    Butterball is excessively grooming.

    Hello all! So I have four boys: Butterball (The lad in question) Dumpling(Brother purchased from breeder at the same time) Moose + Chip (Brothers added a month later for reasons I will explain below) When I first got Butterball and Dumpling, Butterball always seemed very timid compared to...
  2. Pingu

    1 male being restricted food by other 3, please help

    Hello. I have 4 un-neutered male rats living together in a single critter nation. They are all around 5-6 months old. I've recently started noticing that one of the boys, Pigeon, is always thinner than the rest of them. It's very noticeable upon picking him up that he's much skinnier than the...
  3. Rat-a-tata

    Stealing food from cage mates mouth

    Hi all, I’ve been looking online, and on the forums on here for some information but with no success, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I have 3 girls - Poppy, 3, and Milly, and Moo, both 6 months. Milly and Moo were introduced to Poppy when they were 8 weeks old...