Zymbals gland tumor????

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Aug 27, 2020
I have a nearly 2.5 year old boy Oscar. Yesterday I noticed a slight lack of symetricalness in his face. And my heart sunk for 10 seconds because I know any absess or tumor on the face is really bad. But then I felt everywhere, it was so suddle I couldn't figure out where it was swollen and I couldn't feel anything anywhere? So I looked again and convinced myself it was me being paranoid.

Today when I had him out at play time and noticed something was off immediately. He was walking too low to the ground and seemed very reluctant to balance on the edge of the pea fishing container, and became a one handed fisher. His appetite wasn't a problem and his energy was normal. I thought maybe a little bit of HLD or a balance problem but then I renoticed the swelling from yesterday. Its worse now idk how it took me so long to notice. I checked again and still can't feel anything out of the ordinary but it seems to be from around his left ear for sure now. It's pushing his ear off where it should be

Which is a zymbals gland tumor from google probably. But I still can't feel a bump or lump at all and I think it's coming from more inside the ear canal or maybe behind it than under it. It's moving his ear. Idk it's probably wishful thinking but I included a video and I was wondering if someone with more experience could look and see if they can tell where the swellings coming from or if it's just early zymbals or something
Jun 16, 2022
I’m sorry I don’t have much to offer but a listening ear. Awwwww he’s a beautiful boy! I see his ears aren’t symmetrical like you said and around his left ear it seems I can see more skin like it is swollen. I have had many rats over the years and I haven’t seen this particular thing. Are you able to get him to a vet?