Young male rat looking for a new home

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Jan 25, 2019
Hello everyone. After losing my rat, Flower to an unfortunate accident; I find myself not wanting anymore rats.
The problem is I now only have 1 rat and I do not want him by himself. If you are interested in adding another boy to your rat family here's a little bit about him.

Thumper (from the movie Bambi) is an male albino rat
around 6-7 months. He's very curious, even while being a bit on the skittish side; so while sudden movements and noises might startle him, he'll still come up to you. Once he really gets comfortable with you, except lots of rat kisses and finger grooming as he loves to groom his buddies! He absolutely ADORES peanut butter so in the process of you and him bonding; try some peanut butter! He's not an aggressive rat so bonding him with other rats should be fine as well. I will include some pictures of him below.

Rehoming info
-I live in Fulshear Tx so please contact me if you live within 20 miles of this area
-Rehoming fee will be $40. I will be including hideaways, toys, hammocks, food, litter, water bottles, treats and rat supplies(such as pipe cleaners, shower ring hooks ect.) If you would like his cage as well ( it is the black feisty cage) the cage itself is $100.
If interested please email me at

Please share this with everyone you know, I want to find a good home for him as quickly as possible. View attachment 12869 View attachment 12870
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