When you Live Next to a Person who Hates Your Rats Part 2 UPDATE

Big Schpog

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Jul 8, 2020
British Columbia
So, my lawyer rewrote the pet addendum so that I can always have up to 3 female rats and can replace them when they pass away without getting approval. I'm waiting for the approval from the manager of the new place. If she accepts those terms I will move in. I really want to move as I am living in a horrible area but rats are my emotional support animals, and have been recognized as such by my doctor/mental health team. I planned on moving Feb 1st but I haven't heard back from the manager of the building re: the updated pet policy. I hope this gets sorted soon.

I know everyone on this forum loves their rats but in my case, rats truly are my ESA's, but they're not just ESA's. They've lowered my blood pressure too! I'm 51 with a few knocks and scrapes physically speaking and rats have been the perfect animals for me since they are small and pack a whollop of love, intelligence and emotionally intelligent.

They've completely changed my entire life for the better. Lowering my blood pressure is just ONE thing out of a huge list.

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