When to re-introduce neutered male?


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Oct 3, 2021
Hi all :) have 4 males, 2 sets of brothers 7 month old, one of the boys Marv was being over aggressive trying to become the alpha but didn't have the power to overthrow the alpha (not his brother), however he bullied the alpha's brother Jerry so much so he wouldn't let him come out his hammock so made the decision to neuter Marv. It been a week the remaining three boys have had a stress free existence but Marv has chewed lot more than normal so thought I'd reintroduce them... fine on neutral territory spent a couple of hours cleaning and completely rearranging the cage the second they were back in there Marv was attacking Jerry again so that he was screaming, chasing him around with his tail shaking. So sperated them again, when should I try and reintroduce him? Will it be OK for him to be on his own for another 2 weeks for his hormone levels to drop?? Thanks :)

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