Uh oh and exciting

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Sep 4, 2019
Gibsonia, pa
I started keeping rats in Nov 2018 with 3 pew girls. In Dec i adopted 3 more girls. The first week of Feb i added 3 boys who were born on Jan 1st. On Aug 20th i then added 4 girls who were between 5 and 6 weeks old. And now becomes the "Uh oh and exciting" part. The girl i got these new girls from obviously did not seperate the boys and girls soon enough. First litter was on Aug 31 second litter was on Sept 4th. I am now a new "rat granddaddy" to around 25 kits. My rat family went from 13 to about 38 in 3 days lol. Not what i expected but it will be exciting watching the babies grow. I now need to build 2 more cages, yes i build my own cages, to seperate the boys and girls around 5 weeks. I will try to sell most but will keep a few. Fortunately i have the room and time to take care of, give attention to and play with all my rats.


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Jul 21, 2007
Northeastern Ontario
Wow! You've got your hands full for sure. That happened to us once a long time ago. We rescued 2 males and 3 females. The lady had lied to us and the females were indeed pregnant. We had so many rats! but we kept them all and made the best of it.
I no longer have rats but I started having them back in January of 2002. I rescued rats for over 15 years and then decided to take a break 2 years ago. I miss them terribly. In all, my family and I have rescued and cared for over 300 rats. We've had our fair share of issues. I think I've seen just about everything. lol probably not but it sure feels like it. I kept my vet clinic very busy.

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