Truro Nova Scotia - pet rats for rehoming

Discussion in 'Third Party Rats for Rescue' started by Rattymouse, Apr 17, 2019.

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    SPPU Pet rats for sale with 2 cages
    Please Contact
    Posted 8 days ago
    Truro, NS B2N4S4(View Map)
    Everything I have for the including a rat harness and leash, will come with them I have 2 males 3 females. You can choose to breed but I keep them in separate cages. The homemade is 3 story's but I have each floor blocked off because the females will fight if left together for long periods of time. So they each get there own floor. I have food and shavings a hide as well. Couple bell toys they like to shake around and they are all very very hand tame and like to be picked up they will softy nibble the tips of your finger but not hard enough for it to hurt. Cages must go with them. Please make an offer I don't have a set price paid $10 each rat and about $50 for the store bought cage.

    KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-01.JPG KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-02.JPG KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-03.JPG KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-04.JPG KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-05.JPG KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-06.JPG KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-07.JPG KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-08.JPG KijijiTruroNovaScotiaPetRatsApril2019-09.JPG

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