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Lise Patterson

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Oct 23, 2018
Meet Colbert, my little white dumbo boy. :)


He’s an old boy, as today we celebrate his 2 year 9 month birthday. I suspect he won’t make it to 2 years 10 months, so all the more reason to fuss over him now.

I picked Colbert and brother Oliver out of a large “oops” litter in December 2017. Ollie was the shy runt of the litter who looked like he might need some special TLC. Colbert was quite the opposite, a boisterous little show boat who demanded and caught the immediate attention of all humans in the room. The brothers came home with me when they turned six weeks old, on Christmas Eve.


While Ollie was a “rat’s rat”, forming tight bonds with his kind, Colbert has been an avid “people rat”. And he's always had a knack for charming humans with his soulful eyes and comical, mischievous behaviour. He's been a cheerful, steadfast buddy and I struggle to imagine life without him. And yet.…

…my dear old boy is battling progressive nerve degeneration, which has paralyzed his legs and now much of his upper body. He can still pull himself around with his arms, but with increasing difficulty. He continues to eat well (with some help), and he still knows how to pierce my heart with those big, hopeful eyes. I will do my best to keep him content through his remaining days. But for today...

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