Mar 19, 2019
I just got three new little girls today, something I’ve been planning to do for a while. My best friend just passed away so I’m in need of some new company and my last girl was an old rescue who passed not much longer after we got her due to a tumor.
These three ladies are lovely and were very well kept, I got them because I felt a connection. I have two crazy little ladies, one who has warmed up very quickly, one who is very close to warming up and one who is very obviously quite shy. She’s not the first shy rat I’ve owned, my two boys were not tame at all until very recently and I still struggle with one now. I would love some good tips on how to help her become more comfortable with me like he friends are.
I also want to mention, they’re no older that 5 weeks, two of these girls are very energetic and out going and the third is quite timid and obviously shy for now.
She is very young so I know their bond with strengthen with each other and I know it will be easier to bond with them at this age, but I want this to be very easy on her.
Thank you so much.

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