The Travelin' Rat World Rat Day Virtual Marketplace 2021: April 1-30

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Feb 15, 2013
Baltimore, MD, USA
The Travelin' Rat is hosting the first ever World Rat Day Virtual Marketplace! Come check it out- something for everyone!

It's been a rough year for all- individuals, businesses, and charities alike. If you happened to get your tax refund or stimulus check and/or have a few extra bucks to spend to treat yourself/your rats (or someone else!), please check out this awesome event! There are quite a few businesses who will be donating a portion of their sales to participating rescues at the end of the month. We have hammocks (and more hammocks!), gift certificates for custom artwork, small pet supplies, jewelry, custom print items, rat plushies, whimsical artwork, and so much more! Make sure to get a special Marty Mouse House World Rat Day Tee (or other item!) to celebrate, too!

Many of the businesses that are participating in this event are in the US, but several are in other countries. Most will ship outside of their country.

We are grateful to the businesses for being so generous in helping the rescues. Please show them some love and help them AND the rescues this month!

The following rescues are participating in this event:
Any Rat Rescue, Scottsdale, AZ
Charming Rat Rescue, Regina, SK CANADA
Chins n' Friends, Union, KY
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary, German Valley, IL
For the LOVE of Rats Rescue, Walker, LA
MN Pocket Pet Rescue, St. Paul, MN
Philly Rat Rescue/ St. Francis Rat Sanctuary, Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club & Rescue/ Rat Nation of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Small Angels Rescue, Inc., Frederick, MD
Struggles to Snuggles Animal Rescue, Inc, Greensburg, PA

Thank you for your support!

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