Thanks to your advice pups thriving!


New Member
Mar 6, 2021
Just wanted to say a thank you. I am fostering a fierce and unsocialized mama from a hoarding case. Your advice was awesome. I worked in animal shelters for years but never had to care for a litter. We have 12 little nuggets (6 hooded and 6 white). Healthy and happy. Mama is still a biter, but coming out of her shell and will go into a travel carrier for a spoon full of baby food. With time and patience she will come around, she went from balling up in the corner of her cage to running to the door every time I come in because she realized humans=food which is a start! Your great advice has helped me to be able to take the pups out daily and have some handling time. They are 2 weeks old today so eyes are opening and the shenanigans should begin! :) They will get adopted out in same-sex groups of 3 and mama should be going home with 2 of her daughters. And to think I fostered kittens all these years and was missing out on this adorableness!