Teddy is bleeding from his but

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Dec 9, 2010
East Bay California
I actually had 2 rats get into a fight and he was bleeding like that. He actually got bit in his asshole by another one. It bled like crazy, took him to the ER, they swabbed it out and he was fine. He had bruising on his bum and also through his testies and he coudln't push out normal poops for about 2 weeks.


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May 7, 2021
San Diego, CA, USA
Hi amanda1472,

thank you so much for sharing this experience. We have three rats and the smallest one, Liesl, had an excessively bleeding bum this evening. We didn't know what to do and were convinced she was dying even though she's only about 5 months old. Her poor bum was bleeding so badly there were little puddles of her blood all over the cage.

After searching online, I happened upon your post and all of the wonderful responses. I read through them all and the bleeding bum you described was exactly what was happening with our little Liesl. After reading through the whole thread, I found some good veggies that are high in iron and Vitamin K and gave Liesl as much as she would eat. She munched for a good long while and then started drinking water. Soon after she was walking around the cage and I could tell that the bleeding had stopped! She seems to be doing a little better now and I'm hopeful that she will make it through this.

Thanks again,

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