Synulox & Loxicom Dosage Question


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May 25, 2021
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Hi there. I took my three girls (345g, 353g, 385g) to the vets earlier for a possible respiratory infection. Following a check over and a brief listen to their wee chests, the vet concluded there is likely a very mild respiratory infection. Accordingly, they were placed on Synulox/Loxicom (Clavamox/Meloxicam in Canada/US I believe). I am very concerned with the vet suggested dosages and seeking clarification.

The Loxicom/Meloxicam seems a little high but not absurd. The vet suggests 0.26ml per rat once per day. (1.5mg/ml). This, to my knowledge, would be more in line with post-op treatment, but I cannot imagine it would be harmful. Perhaps just a little overkill for a mild respiratory infection.

The Synulox/Clavamox is where I am particularly concerned. The vet suggests 0.7ml per rat twice per day. (50mg/ml when reconstituted in 15ml of water - 4:1 ratio of amoxicillin to clavulanic acid). The packaging recommends a dose of 0.75ml twice per day for a 3kg cat/dog, so for my 0.35kg girls this obviously seems absurd! I used the dosage calculator based on 0.35kg weight (alongside the 20mg/kg recommendation on the forum), and it recommends 0.14ml twice per day. I thought this was perhaps a typo by the vet so I rang up to clarify. However, I was assured that it is definitely 0.7ml twice per day due to their higher metabolisms.

Am I going crazy here? The dosage of Synulox/Clavamox just seems insanely high.

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Jul 21, 2007
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They are both high (loxicom) and very high for Clavamox so your instincts are right.

For the meloxicam using it for inflammation in the lungs you don't need a post-op dose but a lower one.
The Clavamox you are right is based on 20 mg/kg twice a day. If this is being used for a myco respiratory flare-up though it may not work as Clavamox isn't effective on myco.

I'll give you more appropriate doses for each rat with metacam (once a day) first then Clav.(twice a day)
345 g. 0.14 ml Lox / 0.14 ml Clav
353 g. 0.14 ml Lox / 0.14 ml Clav
385 g . 0.15 ml Lox / 0.15 ml Clav

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