Successful first intros with Oleksii, Lynda, and Dolly

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Apr 12, 2013
Ontario, Canada
After confirming with the vet that he was good to go, we introduced everyone today. We had a Savic hut (one of the open-ended type) on the bed, along with a ball pit where they could shnuffle for treats, a "movie night" themed pull-apart paper toy, and a couple of their shared favourite toys. While they all took some time to find treats, mostly they paid attention to each other.

Oleksii and Lynda spent the most time together, with Oleksii chasing and sniffing Lynda, Lynda kicking him in the face before running a few steps and waiting for him to catch up (lather, rinse, repeat). They'd wrestle a bit, Oleksii would pin Lynda (he's about 1/3 again as big as she is), she'd wiggle free, and they'd continue the game.

Dolly is not quite sure of Oleksii yet. He was a bit overenthusiastic when they all first met up, and he cactused a little in his enthusiasm. He calmed down in my husband's hands relatively quickly-- it is hard to cactus when you are being held and petted by your favourite person-- but Dolly was still wary of The Boy Next Door. She would give these little trilling squeaks before running a foot or two away, then turning to watch what he did. Of the hour or so everyone was out, she spent maybe ten or fifteen minutes on my shoulders.

Nobody got in an actual fight. Nobody bled, nobody, flat-out rejected anyone else, and everyone seems to still want to see each other again. They all sort of agreed around the same time that naps would be excellent, so everyone was tucked back into their houses. It was a lot, but I think they had fun for the most part.

If everyone is amenable, we might give them all some more time together later tonight. Otherwise, they might just have unmixed out-time tonight, with another shared out-time tomorrow morning. There's no rush to move them all in together right away. They'll have as much time as they need to get comfortable with each other.

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