[slight?] Unilateral eye bulge

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Nov 23, 2021
Hi all,
one of my ladies eyes is bulging - nothing dramatic or drastic and you have to look to notice it.
Sometimes there is a little white discharge but this is cleared away within seconds of me noticing it and I have not noticed any porphyrin. She is showing no other symptoms of illness, perhaps the only issue is her gaining weight and being a on the large size, despite her sister being very slender. It has, however, slowly gotten more noticeable over approx. 3 months.

What are the possible causes of this? And what is the corresponding prognosis and/or treatment?

When she had a lumpectomy/spay (~5-6 weeks ago) the vet took a look and said (at that time) it was hardly noticeable, nothing to worry about, if she has discharge or inflammation bring her right back.

Advice and experiences much appreciated!
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