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Feb 13, 2020
Portland, OR
My daughter has 2 rats and she recently noticed black dots through the fur of one of them. She thought maybe it was fleas or something so she used a flea comb. After a few strokes with the comb the rat squeaked and it looked like there were a couple of drops of blood on the skin. Can anyone look at the attached images and give me an idea of what this might be?




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Jul 24, 2007
Victoria BC
Looks like mites (or possibly lice). You need to treat them both.
For either you'll need medication you can get from a vet This goes on the skin and is what most people use.
Personally, I've Always (for 20 yrs) used Panomec (Ivermectin) which you can get in a tube from a feed store, because it will last til the due date to be used many times and doesn't require a vet exam cost. I've never had a ratty have any bad reaction to it.. If you use it you MUST mix the whole tube Really well in another container (use a small airtight screw-top container) and feed each critter a dose the size of an uncooked grain of rice once a week for 3 weeks. If you use it again in future, mix it Really well again before using.

If it's mites you'll also need to wash their cage & everything in it, and everything they've been on. Metal, plastic & fabrics can be washed; wooden & porous things can go in freezer for 3 days.
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